School Of Martial Arts & Hip Hop LLC is the expanded program of Sunz Of Martial Arts LLC which was established in early 2015 by Principal & Head Instructor, Joel Merchan. His mission is to gain equipment for the Martial Arts & Hip Hop program. We are raising funds to purchase equipment and necessities to run the program efficiently. We also want to design the facility according to the curriculum and  to market our school with the right team in place. 


School Of Martial Arts & Hip Hop is housed in the ReDeefit Studio Facility in South San Francisco. The entire unit is approximately 5,250 sqft: 3,500 sqft on the Ground Floor and  1,750 sqft on the 2nd Floor; includes  1 room, 1 closet, 2 restrooms, 1 shower.

We truly want only the best for our students and for them to be the best. To conduct classes efficiently, we need your help! Whether it be a small donation or used Dj equipment. Our goal is to have at least 10 turntable set ups (total of 20 turntables) and 10 mixers to best utilize the space and cater to all of our students. 

Turntables are expensive but the skills and foundation from it is priceless. We encourage #10000hours of practice, creating their own flavor and being comfortable with themselves and the equipment. 

Safety is one of our primary concern and we want to ensure that with the proper equipment and necessities we'll be able to provide a safer space for everyone. 



Sunz Of Martial Arts

ReDeefit Studio





SELECT A PERK  (Afterschool 3p-7p)

220 South Linden Avenue, Unit E, South San Francisco, CA 94080 



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